Evon Gnashblade – For Lion’s Arch!

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Cut-Throat Politics

In the aftermath of the assassination of a Captain’s Council member, the prominent merchant Evon Gnashblade has made a bid for the dead pirates seat.

When asked what he had to offer Lion’s Arch, the cunning Charr, in true cut-throat style, promised to slash prices at the Black Lion Trading Company.

“As owner and proprietor of the Black Lion Trading Company, I have the proven leadership skills and business acumen that is sorely needed on the Captain’s Council. With your support, I will secure a trade agreement with the Zephyrites that benefits us all.

If I am elected to the Captain’s Council, I’ll show my gratitude for your support in the following ways:

  • I’ll slash prices on Black Lion Keys for four whole weeks
  • I’ll sponsor important Fractals of the Mist research into the Fall of Abaddon, to be completed by the end of the year
  • I’ll host a rotation of popular activities like Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.

You can find me in the Zephyr Sanctum, working for the best interests of Lion’s Arch.”

It will come as no surprise to anyone that his blatant act of bribery has been welcomed by the general population.

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The Real Question is:

Will you let Evon buy your vote, or has Ellen Kiels won you over with her own golden enticements?

Only time will tell, but on the 2nd August do not be too surprised to see Gnashblades face plastered on every wall in Lion’s Arch.

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Ellen Kiel – Lionguard Captain for Council!

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Cut-Throat Politics

After heading the investigation into the assassination of a Captain’s Council member, the Lionguard Captain Ellen Kiel has joined the race to win the now vacant council seat.

When we caught up with the human in Lion’s Arch, the Captain shared her tactics to ensure victory at the polls.

“I’ve stood by the people of Lion’s Arch in good times and bad, defending her from all manner of threat. Now I want to ensure the security of our beloved city in a different capacity, as a member of the Captain’s Council. I’ll need your support to establish a fair trade treaty between Zephyr Sanctum and Lion’s Arch.

If I’m fortunate enough to earn a position on the Captain’s Council, here’s what you can expect from me:

  • I’ll reduce waypoint travel prices for four weeks’ time
  • I’ll support important Fractals of the Mists research into the Thaumanova Reactor explosion by the end of the year
  • I’ll introduce a rotating schedule of activities such as Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.

Come find me in Zephyr Sanctum; let’s work together for a brighter future!”

Some will see this price reduction as a publicly minded act of charity, others as a counter offer to the financial inducement from her rival Gnashblade.

Whatever your opinion, she is a strong candidate, and will give her Charr adversary a run for his money.

Cut throat banner

The Real Question is:

Has the Captain done enough to garner your support at the polls, or is she just another power hungry wannabe politician?

Only time will tell, but on the 2nd August if the streets of Lion’s Arch are filled with drunken brawling humans, you will know who has won.

Win Poster Kiel

Manifesto of Equals By Sylvain Marechal

Manifesto of Equals
By Sylvain Marechal

People of Kryta!

For ten centuries you lived as slaves and, consequently, unhappy. While it have become a state so well known you may not recognize it, so easy now to disregard, deep down you know that you barely breathe, waiting for independence, freedom, equality.


The first wish of nature, the first need of man, the first knot of all legitimate association! People of Kryta! You were not more blessed than the other nations that vegetate on this unfortunate globe! Everywhere and at all times the poor human race, handed over to more or less deft cannibals, served as an object for all ambitions, as feed for all tyrannies. Everywhere and at all times men were lulled with beautiful words; at no time and in no place was the thing itself ever obtained through the word. From time immemorial they hypocritically repeat; all men are equal; and from time immemorial the most degrading and monstrous inequality insolently weighs upon the human race. As long as there have been human societies the most beautiful of humanity’s rights is recognized without contradiction, but was only able to be put in practice one time: equality was nothing but a beautiful and sterile legal fiction. And now that it is called for with an even stronger voice we are answered: be quiet, you wretches! Real equality is nothing but a chimera; be satisfied with conditional equality; you’re all equal before the law. What more do you want, filthy rabble? Legislators, you who hold power, nobility and aristocracy, it is now your turn to listen.


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Inspiration and credit
The above text is not Gáunts work, and draws very direct inspiration from Sylvain Marechals Manifesto of Equals. He has however edited it to fit better with GW2 lore.

We encourage all to read the original version here:

Nobleman Dorn Krohnstad Murdered by Sergev Necheyey

Nobleman Dorn Krohnstad Murdered

by Sergev Necheyey

Lord Krohnstad was a great man, his widow Lady Maivila Krohnstad says. And truly, it is such a man that shall be missed in the kingdom.

For, is not the noble being of humanity in truth the representation of splendor, knowledge and elegance that is Kryta, embodiment of values which all men should strive for, from the fisherman of Triskellion, to the farmer of Queensdale, and their sons the Soldier.

In what can only be seen as the most unfortune of events, Dorn Krohnstad was found dead, believed murdered, some days ago, in a room within the confines of Salma Tavern. Lord Dorn Krohnstad was found by the Seraph, which had been sent to retrieve the nobleman who had been missing for a good day.

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The Fall of Lord A.F. Gáunt Xarolus by Sergev Nechayey & Thucydias


The Fall of Lord A.F. Gáunt Xarolus

Former Krytan Nobility, founder of the Arah Crusade, and Priest of Kormir, will be executed for treason against Queen and Kryta within the coming weeks.
Sergev Nechayey & Thucydias

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