Guild Wars 2 – Quality of Life Changes Incoming.

GW2 Cheers

Three cheers for the GW2 game designers. We love you guys!

Sharing for a better world!

I’m the original Alt-holic. I love to make new characters, and pimp them to the max. So the upcoming feature changes to GW2 feels tailor-made for players like me.

Here are just two of the new features which made me clap with glee!

Account Wide Dyes No more hunting for Black Ice on every character, now if you have it on one, all characters have access to it, and any other colour you have collected. JOY!


So many combinations, colours and styles. This is going to be fun!

Account Wide Wardrobe Think your PVP locker but accessed on your Hero tab and usable by all characters.  I feel a fashion show coming on. 

Here is the GW2 Official Youtube feature release. Enjoy!

See you in Tyria guys.

1352944808_avatar2, anyone? By Anaxilea Pendragon, anyone?

Recently, I’ve decided to farm the dungeon, Citadel of Flame (CoF), for token rewards, on Path 1. I figured, the quickest and fasted way for me to find a group, for dungeon runs, would be through the site.

I’ve used the site in the past, it’s proven to be useful, and the groups that I have encountered seemed relatively friendly. Unfortunately, this time around, for an unknown reason, the general tone and mood of these groups changed.

Please click the image below to open and read the full edition. 

Cover Image GW2

Manifesto of Equals By Sylvain Marechal

Manifesto of Equals
By Sylvain Marechal

People of Kryta!

For ten centuries you lived as slaves and, consequently, unhappy. While it have become a state so well known you may not recognize it, so easy now to disregard, deep down you know that you barely breathe, waiting for independence, freedom, equality.


The first wish of nature, the first need of man, the first knot of all legitimate association! People of Kryta! You were not more blessed than the other nations that vegetate on this unfortunate globe! Everywhere and at all times the poor human race, handed over to more or less deft cannibals, served as an object for all ambitions, as feed for all tyrannies. Everywhere and at all times men were lulled with beautiful words; at no time and in no place was the thing itself ever obtained through the word. From time immemorial they hypocritically repeat; all men are equal; and from time immemorial the most degrading and monstrous inequality insolently weighs upon the human race. As long as there have been human societies the most beautiful of humanity’s rights is recognized without contradiction, but was only able to be put in practice one time: equality was nothing but a beautiful and sterile legal fiction. And now that it is called for with an even stronger voice we are answered: be quiet, you wretches! Real equality is nothing but a chimera; be satisfied with conditional equality; you’re all equal before the law. What more do you want, filthy rabble? Legislators, you who hold power, nobility and aristocracy, it is now your turn to listen.


Please click to open and read the full manifesto of equals

Manifesto Cover

Inspiration and credit
The above text is not Gáunts work, and draws very direct inspiration from Sylvain Marechals Manifesto of Equals. He has however edited it to fit better with GW2 lore.

We encourage all to read the original version here: