Bull’s Eye Guide – On the Nerve of Mehkunnah


Bull’s Eye Guide – On the Nerve of Mehkunnah

Let it never be said, dear readers, that I do not suffer for my art. I put effort in to my work. Genuine blood, sweat and all other manner of bodily fluids are in the essence of every bit of ink you read before you. A few weeks back I went in to talks with a fellow journalist about the growing drug culture of Divinity. I’m not opposed to it myself, everyone needs a kick now and then, but sadly there is always another layer under the surface of our pleasures. A layer that never ceases to find new and interesting ways to hurt us. I offered to help out with their investigation, and in the process do some ‘investigating’ of my own.

It took little effort to find a source. I dropped more gold than I care to mention, but I had bought myself a smorgasbord of narcotics, vices of which have been spread over the underbelly of Kryta as thick as ointment on a third-degree burn. Our race, fellow humans, is one that has suffered in the last few decades. We have gone from the most prevalent species to one on the precipice, looking down at extinction with an ever-strengthening wind at our backs. This does not create a well-adjusted and content society. You need only stand on the walls of Ebonhawke to see the tide of our culture rolling back to the west, becoming smaller with each passing moment, and this has left us wanting. Those who succeed, the nobles, the merchant houses, they sate that lust. But too few are merchants, and even fewer nobles, and those left at the bottom never stop trying to convince themselves otherwise.


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The Line of Kings – Lore Edition

The Line of Kings – King Doric 

The lineage of the Krytan throne is fragmented at best, but we do know it all began with King Doric. He was the first king of the united human kingdoms in Tyria. Crowned during the Season of the Phoenix in Ascalon, he ruled over one kingdom that spanned through Ascalon and Lion’s Arch. All modern royalty in Tyria, including Kryta, are descendants of Doric himself.

During 1 BE, when the gift of magic led to wars among the mortal races, Doric journeyed to Arah, as chronicles  in Lore book ‘Thadeus Lamount’s History of Tyria’.

‘Wars broke out immediately as the magical races fought for dominance. So much destruction was wrought that humans found themselves at the edge of extinction. When all seemed lost, it was King Doric, the leader of the united human tribes himself, who made the long trek to Arah, the city of the gods, on the Orrian peninsula. He gained an audience with the creators and begged them to help, to stop the wars and bring peace to the land once again…” Please click the image to read the full article. 


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