The Fall of Lord A.F. Gáunt Xarolus by Sergev Nechayey & Thucydias


The Fall of Lord A.F. Gáunt Xarolus

Former Krytan Nobility, founder of the Arah Crusade, and Priest of Kormir, will be executed for treason against Queen and Kryta within the coming weeks.
Sergev Nechayey & Thucydias

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The Fall Cover

An Interview with: Lady Zarabeth Nicholaides & Minister Arthenon Moreau

The sun was setting over the Nicholaides Manor upon the outskirts of the Salma District of Divinity’s Reach. There, I took tea with the Lady-Chatelaine, Zarabeth Nicholaides, her beloved Arthenon Moreau, the Minister of Fort Salma. Lady Zarabeth had put together what she deems her Tension Slayer tea, something that soothed the nerves and mind as we took company together outside upon a large balcony overseeing the rest of the city.

‘‘Lady Zarabeth,’’  I bowed to the Lady Priestess. ‘‘I thank you for accepting my invitation.’’ I took out my small leather bound journal, and looked across the table to her and the Minister.

‘‘Indeed, Lady Kingspear. Thank you for being here with us today.” Zarabeth rested her hand gently into Arthenon’s with a smile as she presented me with a small gift, a bottle

of her favored blueberry wine distilled and created by her own sister Iridoria. [i]“Please accept this with our most humblest gratitude that you would come and visit us today.”[/i]

‘With your permission, I will begin.’’’


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