Guild Wars 2 Interview | Roy, Shout Caster/Twitch Streamer

Guild Wars 2 Interview | Roy, Shout Caster/Twitch Streamer | The Herald I talk to Roy, a veteran Guild Wars players, shout caster, twitch streamer and wvw gvg commander. He shares his experiences as a player and thoughts about WvW and the future of GvG player driven content.

Roy on Twitch

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Guild Wars 2 | WvW Interview | Ultima [StaR]

With all the chances coming to World v World, we all hope mew life will be breathed into this long neglected, and often overlook gaming gem. To shine a light on the World v World , we are talking to the Guild Master of Special Tactics Assault Recon or [StaR] – a dedicated World v World guild. He will be sharing his thoughts and experiences about World V World.

Guild Wars 2 New Player Guide | The Holosmith

Hello and Welcome to part 6 of my new player series for the Engineer Profession. This guide is for new and returning players with little or no engineering experience, in the hope of saving them hours of reading on the wiki.

In Part 1 we looked at the engineer’s history, architype and game style – to give you an overview of the profession. In Part 2 we covered Engineering kits, in part 3 Gadgets and in part 4 turrets and in part 5 elixirs.

Here in part 6 we drill down into the newest elite specialisation for the engineer – the holosmith.