Guild Wars 2 | Reaper New Players Guide

This my gw2 Reaper elite specialisation guide for new players. This guide focuses on the Necromancer pve reaper skills, not their PVP variants. Please note – this not a deep dive into meta end game– if you are looking for guidance on builds there are links below – instead this guide is here to save new and returning players hours of research and reading on the wiki.

Guild Wars 2 | Ranger Pet Guide: Canine

This guide is not a deep dive into meta end game of pet selections – it us for new and returning players in the hope of saving them hours if research in the wiki – finding their perfect puppy.

The canine pets covered are as follows – Alpine Wolf, Fern Hound, Krytan Drakehound, Wolf, and Hyena. We look at their shared and unique abilities, their Soulbeast related skills and where they can be located in Tyria and the Mists.