Guild Wars 2 | Soulbeast Elite Specialisation Guide

This my Soulbeast elite specialisation guide for new players. This guide is focuses on pve skills for this spec, not their PVP variants and is also not a deep dive into meta end game– if you are looking for either of those there are links below – instead this guide is here to save new and returning players hours of research and reading on the wiki.

Guild Wars 2 Review | War Eternal Part 1

In this video I will be breaking down the story, lore and game play of War Eternal first story step – The End. I dissect the conversations, characters, cinematic moments and talk about any future narrative directions indicated by events.

So, if you have not played through the story of gw2 – all of it – from the personal story to date – please know I’m going to spoil a lot of glorious moments for you and I would truly hate to so.

You have been warned!

Guild Wars 2 | Top Ten Legendary Weapons

Here we are diving into the high end of fashion wars, with my personal top ten legendary weapons. There are time stamps below and links to the guild wars 2 wiki for all the weapons showcased here, so you can see what you need to do to crafted these spectacular works of art. Please share with me your favourite legendary weapons in the comments or you can tweet them to me @Krytan_Herald.