Season 2 – The Evolution of the Living World

The Evolution of the Living World

I love the changes happening for Season 2 of Guild Wars 2. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. The content continues to be FREEAs each new episode of the living arrives, as long as you into the game during that period, you have access to from that point onwards for free, forever. Even if we miss some the content, going forward it will all be available on the Black Lion Trading Post for 200 gems – which is around 20g in game.

New UI Journal Guild Wars 2

New UI Journal Guild Wars 2

2. I can play the content when I have the time/desire to. Causal players heaven! If you are hard pressed for time, but still want to complete all the achievement associated with the release you can, whenever you want. 


3. Season 1 content will be available ‘as some point’. I missed a few steps of Scarlet’s rampage along the way, so I will at some point in the future be able to go back get the blades I need to complete my backpack of Tempered Spinal Blades. 

Season 2 Begins Guild Wars 2

Season 2 Begins Guild Wars 2

4. Developers Commitment to the Community. You can tell these guys love the game, love the community and love creating this fantastic content. It really does seem like a passion, not just a job.




❤ Thank you for making this wonderful world I spend so much time in. ❤

Wanted: The Chaos of Lyssa …. but how?

Wanted: The Chaos of Lyssa …. but how?

The Chaos of Lyssa

The Chaos of Lyssa – 

One of the most desired items in game today, The Chaos of Lyssa recipe is selling on the trading post for a staggering 2,900g +. 









Where does it drop? Only chance to get this item is from rewards bags for successfully defeating champions in the Queen Gauntlet. 


The drop chance for the backpack was increased in the June 3rd patch.

In game Preview chat link -> [&CqQlAAA=]

Element farming strategy from Wooden Potatoes.

What do you think about this backpack?

Below is the Recipe: so you know what else you need to farm to make it.

Source Recipe: Chaos of Lyssa
Type Backpack
Output qty. 1
Discipline – Req. rating 500
Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png Armorsmith
Leatherworker tango icon 20px.png Leatherworker
Tailor tango icon 20px.png Tailor
50 x    Icy Runestone.png   Icy Runestone
20x     Pile of Crystalline Dust.png   Pile of Crystalline Dust
15x     Bolt of Damask.png   Bolt of Damask
1x       Vision Crystal.png   Vision Crystal

Good Luck and Happy Farming

Festival of the Four Winds! – Coming Soon

Festival of the Four Winds

With the launch of Guild Wars 2 in China, Anet have announced a new festival celebrating the returns of the much loved sky nomads, The Zephyrites. Queen Jennah will reopened the Crown Pavilion in Divinities Reach where adventures can test their skills against enemies of the realm.

The festival will begin on Tuesday 20th May, so be sure to log in and have a front row seat as the visual design team unveils their latest masterpiece. 


See you in game!


Guild Wars 2 – Quality of Life Changes Incoming.

GW2 Cheers

Three cheers for the GW2 game designers. We love you guys!

Sharing for a better world!

I’m the original Alt-holic. I love to make new characters, and pimp them to the max. So the upcoming feature changes to GW2 feels tailor-made for players like me.

Here are just two of the new features which made me clap with glee!

Account Wide Dyes No more hunting for Black Ice on every character, now if you have it on one, all characters have access to it, and any other colour you have collected. JOY!


So many combinations, colours and styles. This is going to be fun!

Account Wide Wardrobe Think your PVP locker but accessed on your Hero tab and usable by all characters.  I feel a fashion show coming on. 

Here is the GW2 Official Youtube feature release. Enjoy!

See you in Tyria guys.

1352944808_avatar2, anyone? By Anaxilea Pendragon, anyone?

Recently, I’ve decided to farm the dungeon, Citadel of Flame (CoF), for token rewards, on Path 1. I figured, the quickest and fasted way for me to find a group, for dungeon runs, would be through the site.

I’ve used the site in the past, it’s proven to be useful, and the groups that I have encountered seemed relatively friendly. Unfortunately, this time around, for an unknown reason, the general tone and mood of these groups changed.

Please click the image below to open and read the full edition. 

Cover Image GW2

Bull’s Eye Guide – On the Nerve of Mehkunnah


Bull’s Eye Guide – On the Nerve of Mehkunnah

Let it never be said, dear readers, that I do not suffer for my art. I put effort in to my work. Genuine blood, sweat and all other manner of bodily fluids are in the essence of every bit of ink you read before you. A few weeks back I went in to talks with a fellow journalist about the growing drug culture of Divinity. I’m not opposed to it myself, everyone needs a kick now and then, but sadly there is always another layer under the surface of our pleasures. A layer that never ceases to find new and interesting ways to hurt us. I offered to help out with their investigation, and in the process do some ‘investigating’ of my own.

It took little effort to find a source. I dropped more gold than I care to mention, but I had bought myself a smorgasbord of narcotics, vices of which have been spread over the underbelly of Kryta as thick as ointment on a third-degree burn. Our race, fellow humans, is one that has suffered in the last few decades. We have gone from the most prevalent species to one on the precipice, looking down at extinction with an ever-strengthening wind at our backs. This does not create a well-adjusted and content society. You need only stand on the walls of Ebonhawke to see the tide of our culture rolling back to the west, becoming smaller with each passing moment, and this has left us wanting. Those who succeed, the nobles, the merchant houses, they sate that lust. But too few are merchants, and even fewer nobles, and those left at the bottom never stop trying to convince themselves otherwise.


Click the image to open and read the full 6 page edition. Enjoy ❤

Cover page