Guild Wars 2 Lore | Saul D’Alessio | Audio Edition

Saul D'Alessio Path of Torment

A shocking discovery was made whilst Scholar Glenna was investigating Bastion of the Penitent. Now the Priory stands divided. Some scholars want to suppress what they have found, fearing a political backlash; whilst others are determined to share the knowledge come what may. Fornax Kingspear, of The Krytan Herald, follows a team of scholars sent to collect the remains of Saul D’Alessio, to uncover the truth.

Guild Wars 2 Lore | Blood & Power | Audio Edition

blood and power

After the assault on Divinity’s Reach, Krytan Herald journalist Fornax Kingspear heads deep into the Forsaken Thicket to undercover the dark secrets buried there. Guided by Scholar Glenna, she is shown the true cost of blind faith and the evils done in its name.