Guild Wars 2 | Masquerade of Madness | Fashion Wars Competition

Masquerade of Madness | Fashion Wars Competition

DATE EU COSPLAY DATE 26th October 14:00

GMT NA COSPLAY DATE 2nd November 22:30 GMT 14:30 PST

LOCATION Rata Sum | Idea Incubation Lab

Incubation Waypoint – [&BLUEAAA=]

THEME Halloween

You are cordially invited to The Masquerade of Madness

That time of year has come once more. There’s a chill in the air, and a shadow creeps across the land. Celebrate the return of Mad King Oswald Thorn and his son, Bloody Prince Edrick Thorn. As the the endless night draws near, soon our all-time-favourite monarch, Mad King Thorn, will bestow us with his beautiful and terrible presence. The theme of this competition is Halloween! Display your best spooky looks for a chance to win the Mad King’s favour! Join us and dance the night away at the ball of madness. Your Mad King says…

Don’t be late… or else!


Join our guild’s discord at and follow the instructions in the #new-start-here channel to receive the “Participant” role. Then use the form template below to submit your entry into our #fashion-wars-entries channel. We strongly recommend you send in a form if you plan on entering the competition. But, if for some reason you are unable to submit a form, we also accept last minute walk-in entries on the day.

RULES ▶ No outfits allowed

▶ Gemstore skins, armour pieces, back pieces, and weapons are permitted

▶ Only one entry per participant

▶ Screenshots must show every side of body (front, back & side) in #fashion-wars-entries

▶ Participants must provide a small description of their character and their references/inspiration and name your armour used. (images)

▶ Participants are free to take environmental screenshots to showcase the character in #fashion-wars-showcase

▶ No explicit content or NSFW is allowed

▶ Entries must only be set in the Guild Wars 2 universe

▶ No plagiarising other participants. Your entry must be your own original concept

▶ Good sportsmanship is encouraged

▶ No foul language or inappropriate behaviour, such as dirty jokes

▶ Judges reserve the right to disqualify participants for any disruptive or inappropriate behaviour

By entering the competition, the participant has consented by default to bear any personal purchases, as they will not be reimbursed by the guild. The guild will not pay for any items you have purchased in relation to your armour, weapons, weapons skins, hairstyle and makeover kits, dyes, transmutation charges or character slots you have purchased for the competition.


These categories are for both EU and NA Crown of Madness

– Grand Prize 800 gems

People’s Choice Both Male & Female Character Body Type

First Place

Ascended Aurene Outfit
Vision of the Mists Mini
Devil Dog Mini
Twisted Reaver
Endless Common Clothing Tonic

Second Place
Ascended Aurene Outfit
Mini Devil Dog
Mini Twisted Reaver
Endless Common Clothing Tonic

Chappy Loot for ALL
Mini Devil Dog
Mini Twisted Reaver
Endless Common Clothing Tonic

Tonic NOTES This event will be livestreamed. Prizes may or may not be changed and updated depending on the funds raised. Participants may or may not be asked about their character’s backstory during the showcase. Kindly refrain from foul language or inappropriate behaviour during the livestream. You may be asked to leave if you are too disruptive. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to the event so we can explain how the event will proceed, and you can be sorted into your appropriate groups efficiently.

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