Guild Wars 2 | New Player Guide: The Scrapper

Hello and welcome to my channel – I’m Fornax and this is my new player guide for the Scrapper – the engineers HOT elite specialisation. Now to be clear This is not a build guide for end game content – it is a break down on the specialisation skills and abilities designed to save new comers hours of research on the guild wars wiki. In this guide I will cover the PVE skills specifics – not the PvP variants.


Guild Wars 2 Lore | Saul D’Alessio | Audio Edition

Saul D'Alessio Path of Torment

A shocking discovery was made whilst Scholar Glenna was investigating Bastion of the Penitent. Now the Priory stands divided. Some scholars want to suppress what they have found, fearing a political backlash; whilst others are determined to share the knowledge come what may. Fornax Kingspear, of The Krytan Herald, follows a team of scholars sent to collect the remains of Saul D’Alessio, to uncover the truth.