GW2 Lore/Speculation | Lovecraft’s Dark Influence

Here we will all be donning our tinfoil hats for some Guild Wars 2 story speculation, about the deep-sea dragon: And the dark Lovecraftian influence, which we have been told, will shape the future narrative of the Icebrood Saga. Here we will look at Lovecraft in brief, and the philosophy of his Cthuhlu Mythos more deeply.

Weird Tales

Guild Wars 2 | The Spirits of the Wild | Lore and Speculation

Here I cover the story and known lore of the Spirits of the Wild and their relations with the Norn people. I also dive into some deep speculation about the possible mastery lines for the Great Spirits of Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard, and Wolf. And share with you my mad-cap ideas about a SHARED Elite Specialisation I would love to see in the game, The Shaman.

Guild Wars 2 Review | War Eternal Part 1

In this video I will be breaking down the story, lore and game play of War Eternal first story step – The End. I dissect the conversations, characters, cinematic moments and talk about any future narrative directions indicated by events.

So, if you have not played through the story of gw2 ā€“ all of it – from the personal story to date ā€“ please know Iā€™m going to spoil a lot of glorious moments for you and I would truly hate to so.

You have been warned!