Guild Wars 2 Review | War Eternal Part 1

In this video I will be breaking down the story, lore and game play of War Eternal first story step – The End. I dissect the conversations, characters, cinematic moments and talk about any future narrative directions indicated by events.

So, if you have not played through the story of gw2 – all of it – from the personal story to date – please know I’m going to spoil a lot of glorious moments for you and I would truly hate to so.

You have been warned!

Guild Wars 2 | New Player Guide: The Scrapper

Hello and welcome to my channel – I’m Fornax and this is my new player guide for the Scrapper – the engineers HOT elite specialisation. Now to be clear This is not a build guide for end game content – it is a break down on the specialisation skills and abilities designed to save new comers hours of research on the guild wars wiki. In this guide I will cover the PVE skills specifics – not the PvP variants.


The Shadow Assassin Costume

The Shadow Assassin Costume 

Shadow Assassin Costume - GW2

Shadow Assassin Costume – GW2


This is available now from the Black Lion Trading Gem Store. Its 700 Gems which works out at under £8.00 or around 50 gold in game currency. This not bad value when you consider, there are account wide and unlimited use.

If you want to know more about the new content available for Guild Wars 2 players just click this link and head over to the Anets dedicated page.