Guild Wars 2 | Reaper New Players Guide

This my gw2 Reaper elite specialisation guide for new players. This guide focuses on the Necromancer pve reaper skills, not their PVP variants. Please note – this not a deep dive into meta end game– if you are looking for guidance on builds there are links below – instead this guide is here to save new and returning players hours of research and reading on the wiki.

Guild Wars 2 Interview | Roy, Shout Caster/Twitch Streamer

Guild Wars 2 Interview | Roy, Shout Caster/Twitch Streamer | The Herald I talk to Roy, a veteran Guild Wars players, shout caster, twitch streamer and wvw gvg commander. He shares his experiences as a player and thoughts about WvW and the future of GvG player driven content.

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Season 2 – The Evolution of the Living World

The Evolution of the Living World

I love the changes happening for Season 2 of Guild Wars 2. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. The content continues to be FREEAs each new episode of the living arrives, as long as you into the game during that period, you have access to from that point onwards for free, forever. Even if we miss some the content, going forward it will all be available on the Black Lion Trading Post for 200 gems – which is around 20g in game.

New UI Journal Guild Wars 2

New UI Journal Guild Wars 2

2. I can play the content when I have the time/desire to. Causal players heaven! If you are hard pressed for time, but still want to complete all the achievement associated with the release you can, whenever you want. 


3. Season 1 content will be available ‘as some point’. I missed a few steps of Scarlet’s rampage along the way, so I will at some point in the future be able to go back get the blades I need to complete my backpack of Tempered Spinal Blades. 

Season 2 Begins Guild Wars 2

Season 2 Begins Guild Wars 2

4. Developers Commitment to the Community. You can tell these guys love the game, love the community and love creating this fantastic content. It really does seem like a passion, not just a job.




❤ Thank you for making this wonderful world I spend so much time in. ❤

Guilds in Guild Wars 2 ~ By Anaxilea Pendragon

Guilds in Guild Wars 2
By – Anaxilea Pendragon

I came across a statement that I felt summed up the idea behind guilds well. It went something like this, “a guild is a group of like-minded individuals working together to accomplish common goals”.

In many MMOs the main purpose of guilds is to help players advance through game content. This means helping players level and run them through instances and raids in order to gear. However, this isn’t the only purpose of guilds. In some circumstances some guilds are more focused on socialisation than in-game progression. Obviously, in all guilds, there exists a mixture of the two, progression and socialisation, but in different dozes.

Unfortunately, I feel that GW2 guilds miss both of these elements. I’m sure most of you have logged in to find an eerily quiet guild, even though a good few members were online at the time. Or perhaps, you’ve logged in to find only a handful of you representing the guild, while the rest were representing other guilds. Whether the feature to join multiple guilds and switch between them is responsible entirely for a lack of socialisation between members in guilds is debatable. Though, there is no denying that this unique feature is partially to blame.
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