The Krytan Herald


About us

The Krytan Herald was formed in 1219 during the reign of King Baede. Its original purpose was to be a messenger of the people of Kryta : delivering information about the governance of the King and his ruling council of Lords and ministers. To protect the men and women from the wrath of the monarchy all the writers guarded their anonymity. After years of reporting the fractious relationship of the Ministry and The Crown and numerous articles exposing the corruption the Crown, steps were taken to silence the Heralds.

When one journalist published a series of articles questioning the purpose of Queen Jennah and her eligibility to rule Kryta, the Crown took action.At the time the Krytan Heralds headquarters was tucked away and hidden in old Lion’s Arch and access to it was a guarded secret. But the secret service of the Crown, infiltration the organisation and assassinated two writers and placed a number of agents in its ranks. It was there influence which lead to The Krytan Herald shedding its amenity, making it a public institution in Kryta, but after the fall of Lion’s Arch, the Crown infiltration ended. After the tragic destruction of the newspaper’s headquarters, in which many Heralds lost their lives, the printing press was silent for many years .

Today The Krytan Herald has been reborn, and free from the influence of the Crowns secret service, and have again become the voice of the people of Tyria. Representing the interests of all the sentient races, seeking to shine a light on corruption, injustice, and tyranny. The Krytan Herald Guild is bound by honour to share the news and stories of and for the peoples of Tyria.

If you have the will to stand up to injustice, the honour and integrity to speak truth to power, the join us and become a Herald of Truth, a Herald of Justice – a Krytan Herald!

May the six watch over you.

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