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fw humanity

I’m Fornax and today I am starting something new. After receiving lots of requests from you lovely viewer, I’m creating a new Guild War 2 top ten FASHION WARS series! These blogs/videos will begin by showcase my favourite armours, for all of the profession, on everyone one of the playable races. Each episode will feature a single race where I will pick 18 armour sets, 9 for the female body type and 9 for the male. The sets are themed to each of the 9 professions, with my 2 favourite armour sets featured at the end of episode.

I will be providing links below to the Guild Wars 2 wiki, to all the skins and dyes show in this episode, so if any pieces catch your eye, you know exactly to where find them. I will also be making a blog post where you can find the all this information in written form as well.

Time for some caveats – these armours are just my personal choices, and as we all know beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder so I would love to know is what yours fashion wars favourites. I’m hoping for lots of screenshots in comments that I can share out across the twitter-verse!

So, without further ado- prepare yourself for a gruelling fashion wars campaign as we begin with the most played raced in the franchise, The human.


Female Necromancer

Starting with the female necromancer I chosen the Bladed light Armour for the chest, leg and boot skins. The head gear is the Demon Masque and the glove are the gem store chaos skin.

The Dyes used are Bloodstone dark Violet and Violet – I’m totally in love with the bloodstone dyes – so be prepared, to see a lot of them.

The bladed armour skin is obtained in Verdant Brink, so you will need the HOT expansion to unlock this gear. The Demon Masque skin is unlocked via character creation when you select the necromancer but be warned they can look wildly different depending on your race options.

The chaos gloves I just love as a throwback to ecto gloves of the original guild wars. However The bladed gloves are honestly a better match for this look, especially if the gem store is not your thing.

Necro Female


Male Necromancer

For the Male Necromancer I have gone full dark reaper

The head is the  Reaper’s Hood, with shoulders, glove, legs and boots from the Leystone set with Dry bones garb in the chest. This look could be a little too on the nose but what the hell, I wanted full dark side and went for it.

The leystone armour sets are obtain on the Dragon’s stand map. The Reaper’s Hood is an achievement reward for training all the skills and traits available for the necromancer’s reaper elite specialisation.  All  these skins require the HOT expansion.

The dyes used are Cyanide, Glacial Teal and Midnight Bronze.

male necro


Female Elementalist

For the female elementalist I have selected a blinding Ice Queen ensemble.

Starting with the Icelord’s Diadem, – if you do not have this Hall of Monuments skins unlocked – any crown style skins will work just as well. Hall of monuments achievement are related to the original games in the franchise, where by you could work towards unique item unlocks in Guild Wars 2 by doing activities in the original game. It is still possible to get all of the hall of monument unlocks, there is a link below for anyone interested in that.

The shoulders are Winter’s Presence, which proves this beautiful snow fall effect, just to finish off the ice queen cometh vibe. If you do not have this skin unlocked already – you will have to wait for the winter festival and unlock the achievement tied to winter celebration.

The chest is Aurora Garb, which is a karma skin you can unlock via some vendors on the Arhian maps – links below for details of that.

The gloves are Embroidered Wristguards which are a tailor created item but you can also purchase them on the Trading Post.

The beautiful ballgowns style skirt is the Nightmare Court Sarong. This is a dungeon token collection item from Twilight Arbor 5 man found in Caledon Forest, but can also be unlocked all the dungeon skins via pvp and wvw reward tracks.

The Boots are Zodiac Shoes from the Zodiac gem store light armour set – I liked the cube shape of the toe which fits the ice theme. This look has a very simple plait only two dyes  Permafrost and Electro Blue.

female elementalist


Male Elementalist

The male elementalist look is striking, using the seers armour set for the head, chest, leg and boot slots. Seers is one of my all-time favourites sets, I love its asymmetry on the male avatar and its bold details. I think it gives an almost manga style military feel.  The Seers set can be obtained via the Trading post, or gained as rewards from many of core maps.

The shoulder piece is the Tempest’s Loop. A skin rewarded for completely training all the skills and trait of the elementalist’s Tempest elite specialisation. Finally, the gloves are Sorcerer’s Livery, a tier 3 human cultural skin.

The dyes used are Cyanide, Frostbite Green, Bloodstone Dark Indigo, and Midnight Blue.

male Ele


 Mesmer Female

For the mesmer female I did a dark caster look with Order of Whispers light armour for the head and leg slots. The shoulder are not shown as the head piece also cover this area. The chest slot is the tailoring crafted Winged Tunic, which can also be purchased on the Trading Post.

Finally I have selected Sorcerer’s human culture armour tier 3 for the gloves and shoes .

The dyes are Permafrost, Midnight Ice , Bloodstone Dark Indigo, Indigo and violet.

Female Mesmer


Male Mesmer

For the male mesmer I have opted for a dark base and strong sharp shapes. The head piece is the Bloodstone Visage gained by completing the hidden Bloodstone Harvest Achievement. Killing a Bloodstone-crazed creature, or finding a Bloodstone Sliver reveals this achievement in the current events tab.

The Shoulder and glove slots are both Scarlet’s reward items which were collection items from season 1 of the living world. They are obtainable now via the gem store and a vendor – detailed links bellows.

The chest and leg slots are Vigil light armour skins, these skin are purchased from the vendor at the Vigil Keep, located in the Gendarran Fields. One of your characters will have to be aligned to this order to gain access and unlock this set.

Finally, I have opted for the Bladed shoes again, I just love the cute skull kneel pads.

The Dyes for this set are Shadow Abyss, Black Cherry, Oxblood and Bloodstone Coral.

Male Mesmer


Female Thief

For the female thief, I have chosen the Dragon Stand Leystone medium mask with Order of Whispers secret shoulder guards and boots. The chest piece is the crafted ascended Illustrious Guise and the Noble Gloves. The Noble set is also crafted and can be purchased in the Trading Post. The leg slot has the  Vigil Honour leggings to finish off the look. You will again need a character who has allied itself with the Order of Whispers to unlock their skins.

The dyes are Bloodstone Dark Violet, Shadow Abyss, Regal, Pyre, Redemption and Dry Silver.

female thief


 Male Thief

The male thief is very much matching the female variant with a few tweaks. I use three pieces of the illustrious ascended medium armour in the shoulder, chest and glove slots. The head gear is a Heritage item from the hall of monuments, with the WvW token medium mist walker legs and again Order of Whispers medium armour boot.

The dyes used are Midnight Blue, Shadow Abyss and Glacial Teal.

male thief


Female Ranger

On to the Ranger with another retina burning ode to the glorious of the glow. The head slot is agaom the Icelord medium Diadem,  with the nightmare guise chest piece and gloves. All sylvari armour has an irradiance to it unmatched outside of legendary armours. The leg slot is filled by the Zodicac medium skin and the look is finished with the bladed boots. I have not used a shoulder skin in this set.

The three Dyes used are Permafrost, Electro Blue, and Electro Purple.

female ranger


Male Ranger

My male ranger is perhaps a bit Madmax, but I was channelling my inner wild man, so result may vary!

The Head Piece is the Accursed visage from the Arah 5 man on the cursed shore map, with the Houndskin mantle which is a reward for completing the Flashpoint Mastery achievements. Links to the achievements page below.

For the fur trimmings, I used the Mist Walker chest and legs. The gloves are emblazoned which is a crafted item, along with the seeker boots.

The Dyes are Midnight Bronze, Shadow Abyss, and Chocolate.

male ranger


Female Engineer

Onto the female engineer, how engineer’y my efforts are, is questionable but I think for me, the medium armours in game are the least loved. There are also a few skins I have yet to unlock, so keep that in mind.

Starting with the eyeglass style Noble Head piece and again omitting any Shoulders skins, the look is dominated by the Carapace chest armour. This piece is a collection/reward item on the Silverwastes map. I have again used the nightmare court medium gloves, with their organic ascetic, pared with falconer’s legs and boots.

The Dyes are shadow abyss, Shadow Turquoise, Blue Orchid, Bloodstone Dark Violet, Indigo and Violet.

female engineer


Male Engineer

The male engineer again is not truly archetype matching, outside of the eyeglass Leather Mask. I focused on the brilliant scale patterns from the Falconers Coat and crafted Emblazoned shoulders. The sneakthief gloves and legs are largely background, with the Striders boots finishing off the look with their interesting shape and texture.  Falconers is the human medium Tier 2 cultural armour, the emblazoned, sneakthief and leather mask skins are all available via the Trading Post. The Strider boots are an on and off gem store item.

The dyes used are Midnight Bronze and Shadow Abyss

male engineer


Finally, we come to the heavy armour profession, which has some of the best looking gear in the game, at least to my mind.


Female Guardian

This female guardian look is very traditional light bringer fare, with free to apply Radiant head, shoulder and gloves. I just love the glow and with the Dry Silver dye introduced to the game in recent months, I can finally match the silver of the radiant set with some degree of accuracy. The radiant pieces sit well with the Triumphant armour, which you can unlock via wvw reward tracks. The radiant pieces are unlocked as you accumulate achievement points, and there is a link below to the overall reward track.

The dyes used are Dry Silver, Permafrost, Shadow Abyss and Bloodstone Indigo

female guardian


Male Guardian

For the male guardian I have used all but two pieces from the Avengers Tier 2 human culture armour set, substituting the vigil order tassets and gem store phalanx war boots.

The dyes used are Enamelled Legacy, Midnight Bronze, Wine, Deep Maple, Bloodstone Violet and Shadow Abyss.

Male Guard.jpg


Female Warrior

Onward, to the female warrior who is sporting a full set of Carapace heavy armour. I just love the detailing and great colour slots option for this set.

The dyes are Midnight Bronze, Perseverance and Imperial Red.

Female Warrior


Male Warrior

For the male warrior, I was inspired by one of my favourite films 300. So lets free the nipple and jump into starting with the Dark Templar Helm and Splint Paudrons, which sit over the pit fighter chest guard and skirt. The Scallywag Gauntlets and barbaric boots add a bold shapes to this aggressive look.

The Dark Templar and, splint is craft-able by the armuorsmith. The fit fighter can be unlocked via karma vendors, the scallywag can be e gained as loot item and both sets are available via the Trading Post.

The Dyes are Midnight Bronze, and Enamelled legacy

male warrior


Female Revenant

The female Revenant uses the Mistward chest, legs and boots with the Herald Shoulderplate, Dragonhunter Gauntlets and The Resplendent curtain finishing off the look. The Mistward pieces can be unlocked via the laurels vendor for speed with the Herald Shoulderplate and the Dragonhunter gauntlets locked to HOT elite specialisation achievements.  The Resplendent blindfold is a character creation option. Links below for those.

The dyes used are Blacklight,  Midnight Ice, Permafrost, Glacial Teal, and Shadow Abyss



Male Revenant

The final set is the male revenant again with blindfold but this time using the Mistward Headwarp. The selected the barbaric chest, gloves and leg plates with the asymmetrical Heritage heavy armour piece, again from the hall of monuments achievements and the Primeval Warboots which are an off and on gem store item.

The dyes used in this final look are Shadow Abyss, Enamelled Legacy and Dry Silver.

male rev


My Two Favourite Looks

My Favourite armour set looks are the Guardian Male and the Ice Queen Light armour elementalist. Two looks which could not be more different, but demonstrate the scope and depth of the character customisation in Guild Wars 2 beautifully.

So! that’s my picks for the humanity, for better or worse. Let me know which ones you liked, which ones you loathed, and please do share images of your heroes avatars in the comments below.

Next Time The Charr


Next time on Guild Wars 2 fashion Wars we will look at the Charr in all their fierce glory! I hope you join me.






2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 | Fashion Wars | The Human Race

  1. Just saw your yt video on the topic (immediately subscribed – sadly I didn’t know about your channel before) and decided to take a look on a written version too. I must say, I’m amazed by the work you’ve put into this (and this is just one race). So I just wanted to thank you so much 🙂
    Btw, you have a really soothing voice, like it a lot 😉 Take care!

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