Lunar New Year Festival: End Date Annouced


The Year of the Rooster

Tyrians each year gather to celebrate the Canthan tradition of Lunar New Year in Divinity’s Reach. Visit the Crown Pavilion today to play Dragon Ball, and open Divine Lucky Envelopes for treats and good fortune!

You have until the 7th February to enjoy these player activities as the next Living World update will herald the end of this festival.


Opening Divine Lucky Envelopes is one of the best way to increase your account magic find, which help buff all your treasure chance drops, so do not miss out.

There are also two new rooster themed backpack  (Game Drop)



as well as Celestial Rooster eternal farming tool (Gem Store),


and Celestial Rooster glider skin (Gem Store)


and Celestial Rooster mini (Game Drop)



Enjoy the festival and see you in game soon!

May the six be with you.

Fornax Kingspear – Piken Square

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