7th Feb – Head of the Snake, Living World Episode Arrives


Living World Season3 – Episode 4 coming on the 7th February

Massively Overpowered have announced the release date of the up coming Living World episode ‘Head of the Snake’, in what I believe is a world exclusive. This follows a teaser statement made by  Mike O Brien, President of ArenaNet, on the Guild Wars 2 official forums on 29th January.


Head of the Snake

As art mimic life, our player characters will be thrown into a  firestorm of political corruption in Divinity’s Reach, as Queen Jennah fights to retain the Krytan Crown. The consequences of the shattering of the bloodstone which unfolded in episode ‘Out of the Shadows’ are made manifest with the appearance of a new portal in Bloodstone Fen. What lies beyond that portal only time will tell, but the malevolent aura surrounding it foreshadows a dark path ahead.

Please note, like all Living World content patches, if you log into the game at the time of the release window, you will have full access to all the content of the episode, if you have purchased the Heart of Thorns expansion.

Raider Rejoice

The new raid, Bastion of the Penitent will arrive with this episode. Although I have found no details relating to it, I feel confident it will follow in the prestigious foot steps of its forbearers.

Heart of Thorns Expansion Sale On Now!

There is NOW a 50% reduction in the cost of Heart of Thorns until February 8th. There has never been a better time to jump in and experience Guild Wars 2 and its every evolving world and story line. As a dedicated player I cannot recommend it enough, and I hope to see in on the fields of battle soon.



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