Guilds in Guild Wars 2 ~ By Anaxilea Pendragon

Guilds in Guild Wars 2
By – Anaxilea Pendragon

I came across a statement that I felt summed up the idea behind guilds well. It went something like this, “a guild is a group of like-minded individuals working together to accomplish common goals”.

In many MMOs the main purpose of guilds is to help players advance through game content. This means helping players level and run them through instances and raids in order to gear. However, this isn’t the only purpose of guilds. In some circumstances some guilds are more focused on socialisation than in-game progression. Obviously, in all guilds, there exists a mixture of the two, progression and socialisation, but in different dozes.

Unfortunately, I feel that GW2 guilds miss both of these elements. I’m sure most of you have logged in to find an eerily quiet guild, even though a good few members were online at the time. Or perhaps, you’ve logged in to find only a handful of you representing the guild, while the rest were representing other guilds. Whether the feature to join multiple guilds and switch between them is responsible entirely for a lack of socialisation between members in guilds is debatable. Though, there is no denying that this unique feature is partially to blame.
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